The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great Tenant and Dealing with Issues

03 Dec 2019 - Phil

Issues with the house you rent come up from time to time, that just life. There are good ways and bad ways to go about fixing issues.

How property issues are reported…

Imagine you have a property issue, the roof is leaking, it’s late and there is no one to talk to about the problem until the office of your property management company open at 9 AM. It’s going to be a long and wet night for not only you but also the house. 

The damage the rain will cause could be your problem if you don’t advise the property management company soon enough. 

You make a phone call to the office and there is no answer, you then text message the emergency line given on the answerphone message and there is no answer. What next…..

You wait. And it’s going to be a long sleepless night. 

Is your property management company using Tenancy Stream?

Understand the issue with the property.

Often you don’t fully understand the issues that might occur around and in your property. The important thing to consider if your a good tenant is to try and qualify what the issue is in a bit more detail than just “a leaking tap”. Slow down a bit and have a think about what information would be useful to share, things like “which sink”, in “which room” is it “hot or cold tap”, is it dripping or flowing? 

Understanding the issues helps speed up the repair, makes it a much better experience for you and the property management company and less stressful.

Detailing your issue and how Tenancy Stream helps.

So picture this, what if you could deal with your roof leaking issue in real-time? Let’s play the roof leak scenario through again.  It’s late and it’s raining heavily, there is a roof leak you spot and because you are a good trustworthy tenant you want to get the problem sorted as soon as possible. 

So, you go onto your mobile phone and open the Tenancy Stream App, you go to your property and click “issue”. You update the issue with “roof leaking” and you add some notes on where and how bad the roof leak is. Click Send. 

Instantly you get a reply back from the property management company advising you that they are aware of the problem and will send a message to an emergency roofing contractor immediately. Phew, your bit is done and all you have to do is wait for an update on the Tenancy Stream App. 5 minutes pass and you get a follow-up message that the roofing contractor is on his way and you are given the mobile phone number and the name of the contractor. You look at the App map and you can see where the contractor if, not far off.  Roofing contractor arrives, problem solved, you get a notification from the Tenancy Stream App that the issue is closed.

Tenancy Stream communications.

In the modern world communication is easy. But this can lead to valuable communication being buried under a mountain of low-value information.

Tenancy Stream is a place where the important information gets filtered to the top of the priority list in realtime and you can see it all happening.

It’s like the AA of the property world, any breakdown can be fixed and monitored in real-time.

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