Tenancy Stream Joins the Hiscox Business Club

12 Jun 2019 - James

Tenancy Stream is delighted to announce its acceptance into the Hiscox Business Club.

After a competitive application process with only 30 places available and more than 135 businesses applying, we’re absolutely delighted to bring our innovative Property Management platform to the club.

Within the first week at the Hiscox Business Club, Tenancy Stream has partnered with Hiscox to organise two landlord events, to showcase the platform and to introduce landlords and users to a smarter way to manage their properties.

One of the key benefits of winning a place in the Hiscox Business Club is the opportunity to work in their incredible new office building right in the heart of the historic city of York.

Designed by London-based architects, Make, the building features a four-story atrium, with a rather unusual centrepiece - a decommissioned Russian rocket.


This contemporary building will no doubt foster some amazing relationships amongst the Business Club members and bring about innovation that will benefit the local community and beyond.

If you have any questions, or just need some advice, get in touch. We’d love to show you our new offices!

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