Tenancy Stream Update: April

02 Apr 2019 - Peter

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April is here and we’ve got lots of share with you:

  1. We wrote 2 huge guides to finding and financing rental property.
  2. It’s party time - we’re holding another landlord drinks evening this month in Harrogate 🎉

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Thing #1 - Everything you need to know about rental property

We decided to share all the secrets we know about acquiring rental properties in two free guides.

First, we published the Ultimate Guide to Financing Rental Property. This essential guide shares every trick we know to finance a rental property. Don’t let misinformation about mortgages stop you from being a landlord.

We didn’t stop there. We then realized before you can finance a property, you need to find it 🤦.

We condensed the process into just 5 steps - 5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Investment Property. You’ll learn to research investments, pay the right price and ensure you can get tenants easily.

As ever, if you need any advice, reply to this email - we’re happy to help and introduce you to our property financing and sourcing contacts.

Thing #2 - Party time

After the success of our last landlords evening, we’re holding another on the 18th of April. Come join us for an evening of drinks, networking and see how we can work together.

For details, please get in touch.

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