Tenancy Stream Journal: February 2019

01 Mar 2019 - Peter

I’m Peter and I joined Tenancy Stream full-time in February 2019, as our technical co-founder. It is my primary belief that honesty and transparency is the only way to conduct business in the modern world. That means talking frequently to you, our readers and users, and sharing our progress, our achievements and our mistakes.

Therefore, welcome to our first ‘Tenancy Stream Journal’ - I’ll be posting regular updates from this point forward.

Tenancy Stream Shirts

We launched a whole new brand for Tenancy Stream - a new logo and color scheme. You’ll see this across on our new website, on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages, as well as on our video posts.

When we spoke with branding experts, they told us three things about branding property companies:

  1. Pick a serif font to look traditional and established
  2. Pick a conservative color, again to look traditional and established
  3. Consider using your surnames to add gravity and formality to your brand

This isn’t what we wanted for Tenancy Stream. We are a modern innovative company, doing property management in a more efficient way. So we took our inspiration from technology companies we admire.

  1. We picked a sans-serif font to because we’re young, modern and forward-looking
  2. We pick a bold color scheme - because we’re different and we want to be
  3. We made our name what we do - we put all communication from tenants into one ‘stream’, so our property managers can see in seconds what the status of a property is - and what we can do to help next.

I hope you agree that our brand shows this. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

New Website

We launched our new website last week - take a look around and send us any feedback. I talk about the technology behind it in the video here.

Landlords Academy

We’re both passionate about helping others grow and achieve their goals. This means we do things like:

We wanted to do the same at Tenancy Stream, so we launched Landlords Academy. We’re creating free videos, tools, and resources for new and established landlords, designed to help them get to the next level.

James talks about Landlords Academy in the video below - lots of exciting things to come.

Thanks for Reading!

If you want advice on your next steps, lets talk.

If you use Tenancy Stream already, we’d love your feedback. Please send me an email (peter@tenancystream.com) – I’d love to talk to you.

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